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Tanzania Safari Operators
by Kilimanjaro Review     November 01, 2012    

Allegation of Collaborative Campaign Against this Company

We note that the discussion of this safari company has reached a point at which while it is accepted that the first reviewer did indeed go on safari with this company, but that there were last minute accommodation upgrade requests which created confusion with regards to additional payments becoming due, it is now alleged that a concerted campaign of defamation is being conducted against the owner - aspects of which are claimed to be based on fabricated events.

It is our recommendation in order to corroborate the claim of the particular contributor that is alleged not to have gone on safari with this company, that he or she uploads media such as photographs that feature some vehicles that were used on the safari in question.

Where no corroborative media is able to be supplied, while retaining the original reviews we will nonetheless be required to remove the star ratings for the review/s under scrutiny until such time as visual corroboration is forthcoming, and to alert readers to the contested status of such reviews.

Kilimanjaro Reviews exists simultaneously to hold operators to the necessary standard of accountability whereby consumers are afforded the protection of knowing that unprofessional conduct will be brought to light and to public scrutiny; but also to aim to offer tourism business owners the opportunity to defend their livelihoods and those of their staff, or else to achieve reconciliation with consumers with which a misunderstanding has arisen.

In order further to maintain the claims against this company, we therefore ask all reviewers to please consider adding media to their reviews. In the absence of this being supplied, we believe that many readers will concur with the allegation that a concerted collaborative campaign against this business is in progress.


The KR Team.

Tanzania Safari Operators

Name of Safari Driver
Not used
Name of Safari Booking Agent
Not booked
Type of Safari Vehicle Used
Safari Parks Visited
Arusha National Park
Date of 1st Day on Safari
May 13, 2013
Type of Safari Accommodation
Number of Days Spent on Safari
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