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by Alphonce     May 27, 2013    
(Updated: June 11, 2013)
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Hello, there

Jeraj and Primoz
From, Slovenij Yugoslavia
We have just returned from 2 weeks-long trip in the Northern Safari Circuit of Tanzania with Abakombe Tours in June 2013. We had a wonderful time and recommend Abakombe Tours to the super adventure traveler to the more relaxed trip. We Climbed Kilimanjaro 6 Days Machame route and thanks we all made it to the top. We also appreciate our 8 days safari.

No doubt the most central ingredient to a successful safari is the experience in your vehicle. In this regard, we really hit the jackpot with Abakombe Tours. We loved our driver, Dickson. He was incredible at spotting the hard-to-find animals and always went the extra mile (literally) to find us what we had not yet seen. More than that, he has an endearing and special personality. We miss him! Our friend who had recommended Abakombe Tours Adventures to us likewise spoke highly of his driver, Emmanuel.

More generally, Abakombe Tours gave us lots of personal attention and last minute adjusting and fine-tuning of our trip. For example, when we met with Alphonce on our first day in MOSHI, Alphonce sensed that we had a strong interest in Masai culture and recommended that, since we were also visiting Tarangire National Park, we skip Lake Manyara and instead spent a day in the Crater Highlands and hike down the Empakai Crater. As it turned out, the day we visited the Crater Highlands was one of the most special of the safari, and we never would have even considered had it not been for Alphonce. We also visited the Northern Lobo region of the Serengeti on Alphonce's recommendation since he knew that I wanted to see masses of wildebeest. Speaking of Alphonce, nothing beats his amazing Stories & News involving wild animals and wild tourists! Dickson's too! Ask him how he saved a young black rhino from being devoured by a hungry lion.

June is a popular time to visit Tanzania due to the "short rainy season", which we did not understand since the weather was absolutely fine (certainly warm, but tolerable; occasional, but always short, rains; no impediments to traveling, all roads passable, etc.). While the environs were much greener than photographs I've seen from the peak of the dry season, animals were easy to spot. Most importantly, the best part of going in November is that there are significantly less tourists than during the peak months.

One final observation for those who might read this letter in preparation for their own safari: Foreign travel agents typically act as middlemen--dealing with money matters and booking hotels, but leaving the tour to local Arushan operators. Abakombe Tours is an Arusha-based tour operator, and dealing with them means dealing with the very people that will organize and conduct your safari. We went to Arusha with a feeling of comfort and certainty that was truly priceless.

Thank you for everything, Abakombe Tours!! Asante Sana!

Best wishes,
From, Slovenij
Jeraj Andrej and Primoz

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Route Climbed
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Joseph Mnene
Date of Summit Attempt
June 05, 2013
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Abakombe Tours
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