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by Team Kilimanjaro     August 08, 2012    
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Team Kilimanjaro surpassed expectations

I am really pleased that I chose Team Kilimanjaro for our climb. We started off on the wrong foot when British Airways lost one of our bags packed with climbing gear. Our guide John Naiman helped us with a problem that became more complex than expected. I was very impressed by John. Every step of the climb was perfectly coordinated. The extraordinary quality of the meals cooked by William was completely unexpected. The group of cheerful and friendly porters was stimulating and constantly rewarding.

I am 52 and I developed left knee pain on my way up. I discussed my problem with John who was well aware of my limping at the end of the second day. I mentioned to him that I would take a strong anti-inflammatory and that I expected to be better by morning time. The medicine helped by reducing the pain. I thought that I might have a chance to keep going and that I would quit whenever I couldn’t take it anymore. I knew for sure that it was going to be almost impossible to come down. I discussed this with John who was always very encouraging and said “hakuna matata” almost every time we spoke. He mentioned to me that he was going to take an experienced porter to carry my backpack and help me on the way down. Our guide was always calm and when options were proposed by me or my son; he always listened, thought about them and came later with a proposal. My pace was slow. John decided to leave early from School Hut to compensate for my pace. We left an hour earlier and made it to Uhuru peak on time. Our progress downward from Gillman’s Point to Kibo Hut was the hardest. Manasa helped me on the way down. I was limping and going very slow when I arrived to Kibo Hut. John encouraged me to keep going to Horombo where there was a stretcher provided by the park. We spent our last night there and in the morning I was told that everything was ready. Three men provided by the park and two members of TK carried me down, while my 18 year old son ran down with one of the porters.

I am the CEO of more than one company and I recognize organization and leadership. I believe that companies and individuals who make the difference are the ones who manage and succeed beyond the expected routines. Team Kilimanjaro and my guide John just did that.

Kilimanjaro Tour Operators

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John Naiman
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December 21, 2013
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