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UK Expedition Kit Hire
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by Stuart Adams     August 11, 2012    
(Updated: June 12, 2015)
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Beware! Dishonest Company

Beware of this company. We went to the Arctic Circle and used this company at the recommendation of our guide. We had the equipment shipped to Norway since we were coming from the U.S. We received equipment that was different from what we paid for and from what was agreed upon in our invoice. The equipment did not have proper temperature ratings. Boots were the wrong size. Clothing was covered in dog hair. I had to buy gear and clothing in the Arctic. I have written back and forth with no resolution. Here are some responses from this vendor:
• About the wrong sleeping mats – “Both mats are different brands to the others but these are of the same 5 season specification…” (However, his website advertises these different mats as 4 season, at a different price than the invoice. Additionally, the temperature rating is different).
• About the wrong boot size – Initial response,“the boots label will say US9 but these are a UK7,” and in another email, “So we have that you asked for UK7… on our order form. Which if your looking at the
boots label will say US9 but these = a UK7.” After emailing a picture of the boot label I received (UK8) he replied,” Hello yes I have checked your emails and we went on your request for a US 9 see attached label for these boots.” And answered to another email saying, “ I remember double checking your order and
ignoring the 7UK? …As such I looked at the boots on the shelf and selected the US9 which is a UK8 according to the manufactures label. I have worked as a boot fitter in the past and can assure you I sent the best option based on your request.”
• Soiled clothing – “To be honest it would be impossible to run our business if we used some form of tape to continuously run over the clothing to remove it…However we do get some husky hair getting lodged in some of the fleeces as at this time of the year as most of our customer go on Northern Lights trips with dog sledging trips. This is generally thick white brittle (bit like brush bristles).”

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